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While most eyeglass shops send their orders out to large commercial labs, we custom make all of our
prescriptions on site. We do this for many reasons. First and foremost is accuracy and quality. Our lab
supports our finished product under the direction of ABO certified staff and skilled technicians using
state of the art machines. The lab compliments our retail service by giving you, the customer, the
choice of using your own frame or purchasing a new one. Should your frame be in good condition, we
take measurements and process the lens order while you wear your frame. When the lenses have passed
inspection you will be notified and upon mutual agreement an appointment will be set for you to drop
off your frame for about an hour to have your lenses sized. You can wait in our store our and explore
the collection of antique optical instruments and other vintage collectibles, leisurely read current
interesting short read books, or walk the shopping center's unique shops.

At the heart of our lab is the National Optrononics Vista Generator. With a diamond cutting blade
spinning at 25,000 rpm the blade precisely grinds the lens to the thinnest standards for light weight and
best cosmetic appearance while eliminating elliptical error. What this means is the back surface of the
lens will have the most accurate power curve. Bifocal and progressive power lenses have the reading
power already on the lens.

Finishing the lenses to fit the frame is handled by our Santinelli patternless edger. This unit processes
our Trivex lenses with complete size and shape accuracy. The reason for this is the edger traces right
and left frame openings as not all frames have matching right and left sides.

Final inspection is preformed using Topcon and American Optical lens meters allowing us to confirm
axis, power, and optical center placement.