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Did you say you wanted red?


Frames available are of the highest standards, not the highest price. We hand pick all frames to suit the needs of local and regional customers. From Designer to budget prices, we have something for everyone. Phil Walden Custom Opticians also carries a large selection of sunglasses that can be prescriptionincluding WileyX (Wileyx.com). All frames carry a 1yr warranty.

Lenses: Most of our lens blanks are American made in Minnesota and are made of Trivex (Trivex.com) lens material, a PPG product, the lightest, clearest lens material. Trivex lenses have an ABBE value of .45 making them the most accurate lenses on the market. Lenses are custom ground in our on-site lab. All lenses carry a one year warranty against scratching and defects. Inherently UV filters, scratch resistant and thin make Trivex lenses the best lens choice for comfort and protection. Trivex lenses are available in progressive lenses, transitions lenses and polarized lenses. For golf and performance applications, Trivex lenses are available in grey, brown, yellow and green transitions, changeable lenses. Phil Walden Opticians also offers digital dual surface lenses for the most accurate, easiest to wear lenses available. Traditional bifocals and trifocals are kept in stock for quick accurate services.

Want to use your frame and purchase lenses only? No problem as our lab makes your lenses while you wear your frame. When the lenses are ready to be mounted, we only need your frame for less than one hour.

Lenses are inspected many times during the process. Final inspection of power is done with a Topcon LMP5 lensometer and a American Optical lensometer. The Topcon LMP5 is a projection unit that quickly checks for axis and optical center alignment while the AO unit measures the power to 1/8 of a dioptor.

Eye glass repairs are done on site and while you wait. This includes soldering metal parts such as temples and nose pads. We stock replacement parts for many brands including Silhouette (Silhouette.com)

Computer eyewear:
We carry Shamir (Shamir.co.il) office small environment lenses that are ideal for computer use. These near variable focus lenses allow wide near and intermediate vision from 1.5 feet to 12 feet. The perfect reading and hobby lens is priced for an affordable extra pair.